Sunday, 5 February 2023

Mrs Anson (F/f story)

I had recently turned eighteen when Mrs Anson moved in next door to my parents' house. She befriended my mother, and I quickly got to know her fairly well. Mrs Anson was in her forties, a friendly woman with short, brown hair and an air of confidence, as if she always knew what to do.

She often hired me to do small tasks around the house - mow her lawn, help her with the laundry, that sort of thing. Afterward, we would chat over a cup of tea and some biscuits.  Both of her daughters were away at college, only occasionally visiting her, so I sometimes felt like she mostly wanted me there as a replacement daughter. I didn't mind this, and since my own mother was very busy at work, the feeling was somewhat mutual.

One day, we were in her kitchen. I was drying some plates after washing up, while she was sitting at the table and talking to one of her daughters on the phone. They had been chatting amicably, but the girl must have said something that offended her mother, because a scowl suddenly appeared on Mrs Anson's face. "None of that, or you'll find yourself over my knee the next time you're home."

The plate slipped from my suddenly useless fingers, smashing to pieces on the floor. I assumed it made an awful crash, but I couldn't hear it over my own heartbeat. I stared at Mrs Anson with wide eyes. She couldn't have said what I'd just heard, could she?

Saturday, 28 January 2023

Stress relief (F/F story)

When Jennifer walked through the door, Nicole could tell that her girlfriend was tired. She'd had been working long days recently, and it was starting to take its toll. Nicole walked up behind her and started massaging her shoulders. "Rough day at work?"

"Like you wouldn't believe." A slight moan escaped her lips. "Keep doing that!"

"A bit stressed?"

"More than usual, yeah, I'll admit."

"Do you want a spanking?" Nicole asked, her voice sympathetic and offering.

"Yes, please," Jennifer said, a thankful smile on her face.

Sunday, 22 January 2023

Bailed out 3: Sent to bed (f/F story)

Third and possibly final part to this short series of a girl that spanks her older sister, which started with Bailed out.

Mary was sitting on her bed in her pyjamas, her stomach doing flipflops as she thought about what was about to happen. She'd taken some liquor from their mother's cabinet – since she was grounded and couldn't go to the pub, she had to be sober all of the time, and didn't particularly enjoy it. Her younger sister Wendy had caught her, scolded her for her theft, and told her to go to her bedroom, change into her pyjamas, and wait for a bedtime spanking.

As she sat there, dreading what was about to happen, Mary realized just how much her life had changed in just a few days. Last week, if someone had told her that she would meekly submit to being spanked by her little sister, she would have laughed in their faces. Now, it seemed unimaginable to resist her. In a few minutes, Wendy would enter the room, place her older sister over her knee, bare her bottom, and give her a sound spanking. There was no part of this that was up for debate.

Mary looked up at the clock, watching the minutes tick away as she wondered when Wendy would be here. Part of her thought the waiting was the hardest part, and wanted to get it over with, but another part knew that the hard part was still to come.

Suddenly, she heard her sister's approaching steps. She hung her head as the door opened, not wanting to see the disappointed look in her sister's eyes.

"Look at me, Mary."

Mary hesitantly obeyed. Her eyes widened as she spotted the large, heavy hairbrush in her sister's hand. It belonged to their mother, who had occasionally used it on the sisters when they were younger. She had never expected to see Wendy tap it against her palm in that familiar way.

Saturday, 14 January 2023

Bailed out 2: The morning after (f/F story)

 In November, I asked my readers to nominate a story they'd like to see a sequel to, and intended to have a poll where people could choose their favourite. The only suggestion I got was Bailed out, about a woman who is spanked by her younger sister after a night on the town. This is that sequel. There will also be a third part next week.

When Mary woke up, she hoped that the events of the evening before had all been a terrible dream. She and her friends had not actually ended up at the police station due to drunk driving, and she had not been picked up by her younger sister - who had not taken her home and spanked her bottom, before tucking her into bed.

However, as she sat up in bed, her burning bottom dispelled all of her comfortable illusions. She rose, walking over to the mirror and lowering her pyjamas bottoms to study her pink rear end. Most of the pain and colour had faded, but there was no doubt about what had happened to her last night.

Well, it was time to correct some things! She was the older sister, and while their mother was away, she considered herself in charge. She would not be bossed around and disciplined by her younger sister - if any spankings were to be handed out, she would be delivering them, not receiving them! She was going to put Wendy in her place.

Saturday, 7 January 2023

At the convent (M/FF story)

When I first looked through my files and found a story about a guy being a nude model in a convent, I found the idea so silly I wanted  to delete it unpublished. However, re-reading it, I found myself loving the way I had written it. Hence why I'm posting it here.

"So you're James," the woman told me as I entered her office. "The model? I'm Sister Stephanie." We shook hands, and I sat down in the chair opposite her. My employer turned out to be a blonde in her mid-twenties, with a friendly smile. "You seem confused," she said.

"I'd say unsettled, but that's splitting hairs. Point is, it's my first time working in a convent," I told her. "Not a lot of business here for someone in my line of work."

"Some of the younger nuns are taking up painting," she told me. "They're getting quite good at it, but... painting flowers and fruit gets DULL after a while. If you know what I mean."

"Moving on to painting people, that's natural enough. But they told me you were looking for a nude model. Is that true?"

She nodded. "Does that bother you?"

"Not at all, I've done this kind of work before. It's just... getting my cock out in a convent sounds like the highlight of a drunken story, not a day's honest work."

She blushed as she looked down at the paper, refusing to look me in the eye. "They warned us you were a very direct person."

"Sweetheart, you're going to be looking at it. Why does it matter if I talk about it?"

She blushed even redder, and didn't even seem to notice that she was holding her documents upside down. She was cuter when she was blushing, I noticed. She should do it more often.

Sunday, 1 January 2023

A surprising suggestion (M/F story)

I was 16 when I met Nora. We were in the same geography class, and I was interested in getting to know the short, red-haired girl with the deep green eyes. She later told she was equally interested in getting to know the lanky boy with the dark, unkempt hair and charming smile.

I was 17 when we started dating. I didn't want to ask her out when our classmates were around, in case she rejected me, but we ran into each other in the grocery store one day. We went to see a movie - possibly a superhero movie, but I can't remember. The goodbye kiss at her doorstep was far more memorable.

I was 18 the first time I spanked her. She hadn't shown up to school that day, so I went to her home to see if she was OK. I found her drinking beer on the sofa and watching TV - her parents were away, so she intended to party all weekend. I tried to talk sense into her, but she blew me off and insulted me. Angered by the dismissive attitude she was suddenly displaying, I ended up sitting next to her on the couch and dragging her over my knee. I first spanked over her sweatpants, which I then pulled down to smack the seat of her panties. She was soon apologizing and promising to be good. When it was over, she sobbed into my chest, worried that I hated her. I told her I loved her, but that I wouldn't let her treat herself this way – or me, for that matter. I also warned her that any future misconduct on her part would earn her another trip over my knee. She pouted at this prospect, but didn't protest.

I was 19 when Nora broke up with me. I'd given her quite a few spankings over the last year (every time I felt she deserved it), so my first worry was that I had been too strict with her. She assured me that this wasn't the problem; according to her, I had never been too cruel, had never punished her when it wasn't deserved, and had never taken advantage of her in her vulnerable state. No, the problem was that she was moving away to go to college in two weeks, and I was staying in the same city. She had no desire to be in a long-distance relationship, so it would be better for us both if we ended it now, instead of letting it drag on for another few months. Nothing I could say could change her mind, so we parted ways.

It was four weeks after this that I received the phone call from her sister that would lead to one of the strangest events of my life.

Monday, 26 December 2022

Be careful what you wish for (F/F story)

I had always had a fascination with spanking. I loved to read about it, grinned whenever it appeared in a movie or show I was watching, and if anyone made a spanking reference in real life, I would blush and squirm. For years, I had wanted someone to call me a bad girl, take down my shorts and panties, and spank my bare bottom good and hard.

When I first met my girlfriend Chloe, I was attracted to her long, red hair, deep green eyes, and melodious laugh, but it was the fact that she could throw around the word 'spank' so casually that really settled it. When her team won, she might say they spanked the opposition. When she saw a teenager dressed like a tramp, she might nudge me and say that girl needed a good spanking. She didn't do it often, but every time she did, it gave me a small, pleasant jolt.

Obviously, I wanted her to spank me. There was no doubt about that. But as our relationship progressed, I wasn't entirely sure how to broach the subject. I'm sure she would give me a few smacks in bed if I asked her to, but how would she react if I asked her for a good, hard, over-the-knee, bare-bottom spanking? Would she laugh at me? Would she look at me in disgust and call me a pervert? Would she give me a few gentle pats and think it was enough? I didn't want to take the chance, so I never asked. As the months went by, it weighed heavier and heavier on my mind, but I never found a way to introduce the subject, so I smiled and pretended everything was perfect.

Everything changed on our one-year anniversary. Chloe told me she would prepare a romantic meal for us. I headed to work with a grin on my face, but arrived to find the office in chaos. One of our servers had gone down, we had lost a lot of data, and I found myself buried in work to try to retrieve it. Hours went by as we went into damage control. I didn't even notice when my workday ended, or that my phone was out of battery, so preoccupied was I with what I was doing. By the time I finally glanced at a clock, it was 7 PM. I was meant to be home two hours ago.

When I finally made it home, the look that Chloe greeted me with was cold enough to freeze nitrogen. The dinner was cold, the outfit she'd picked out for herself was replaced by a worn t-shirt and sweatpants, and any romantic fun she'd planned was now cancelled. I tried to explain about the disaster at work, but she wouldn't hear it. "You could have sent a message - or at least made sure your phone was charged, so you could answer when I called!" She turned around and strode off, leaving me feeling miserable about what I'd done to her.

I headed to the bathroom to wash off the day's makeup, and my eyes rested on the wooden hairbrush I kept there. Chloe often teased me about having such an old-fashioned brush, and never suspected that I spanked myself with it when I was home alone. As I looked at it, I started to wonder if there was a way out of this situation.

Sunday, 18 December 2022

Home to Dinner (M/F story)

Christine grinned to herself as she slipped into her skimpiest skirt, checking that the tight top properly showed off her cleavage. In a few minutes, her husband would come home, and instead of the dinner being on the table, he would find his slim redheaded wife in the bedroom, in some revealing clothes. To show his displeasure with her laziness, he would immediately take her over his knee, bare her bottom, and give her a long, hard spanking, then take her to bed. She grinned; she couldn't wait!

Soon, she heard his car pull into the driveway. His slow, measured footsteps entered the kitchen and living room, and then approached the bedroom. The door opened, and she saw her six-foot-tall, dark-haired, muscular husband with a look of disapproval on his face. She expected it to light up at the sight of her outfit, but he merely raised an eyebrow. "Go wait for me in the living room," he said, and left. She was slightly confused; she'd expected him to throw her over his lap then and there. What was he planning?

She did as he had told her. A few seconds later, he entered with a coil of rope he'd retrieved from the garage. He pointed at the dining table. "Stand at one end, then bend forward over the table." His tone was calm, but authoritative. Slightly uneasy about what exactly he was planning, she obeyed. He cut off a piece of the rope and tied her left foot to one the leg of the dining table, then tied her right foot to another leg. Two more pieces of rope tied each of her hands to the legs near the centre of the large table. He tied the knots so well that she knew there was no way for her to wriggle free, and the rope was thick enough to hold her in place. She was trapped in a humiliating position, with no way to escape, completely at his mercy, and growing wetter every second. He'd never tied her up before. Despite all their spanking play, this was a side of him she'd never seen before!

Saturday, 10 December 2022

Tutor's Lesson (F/F story)

"You must be Jenny," I said to the eighteen-year-old girl who'd just rang the doorbell of my apartment. "I'm Samantha. Have you ever had a tutor before?"

The tall, dark-haired girl in the school uniform shook her head. "No. I haven't done so well in Maths as I should expect, and my parents had heard good things about you, which is why they hired you."

I smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry, I'm sure we'll get your grades back up," I said as we went inside. I sat down on the couch and waved for her to sit down next to me. "Why don't you open your books and - are you OK?" I asked. She'd winced when she sat down.

"It's nothing," she said hastily. When I continued to stare at her, she sighed. "Like I said, my grades haven't been as good as they should have been. My parents said I needed a tutor, I disagreed, and I used some words I shouldn't have, so..."

"They spanked you!?" I said, shocked. I'd had something of an interest in the subject for years. I'd never been spanked myself, but the thought that this eighteen-year-old was still being placed across the parental lap brought a blush to my cheeks. At 27, I could barely remember what it was like to be a teenager, but being punished like that by my parents would have probably made me so embarrassed I'd want to die. And from the expression on Jenny's face, she wanted me to change the subject.

As she opened the book, we started going through the bits she struggled with, but I found my thoughts drifting back to the image of Jenny being bent over someone's lap, squirming and squealing as her rear was reddened.

Saturday, 3 December 2022

Skirt trouble (M/FF story)

It was two weeks since Helen and her boyfriend Brad had split up. Still getting used to living alone again, she'd received an invitation from her childhood friend Anne to stay a week or two with her. Anne lived out in the country with her boyfriend Darren, and felt that the change of scenery would be the perfect cure for Helen's mood. Helen had agreed.

She'd arrived Friday evening, and they'd enjoyed a nice dinner as she was introduced to Anne's boyfriend. Darren was a charming, handsome man who seemed to infect others with his grin, and Anne was also a real joy to be around, so Helen could feel her mood improving already.

The following morning, Darren was baking cupcakes while the women sat in the living room, chatting over a cup of coffee. Anne suggested that the two of them should go for a walk in the nearby woods. "Let's just grab a couple cupcakes and go."

"No touching the cupcakes!" Darren said, affecting a strict tone as he wagged his finger at them. "Those are for after dinner. I haven't even put the glazing on them yet."

Anne poked her tongue at him, then went to fetch a bottle of water, in case they were in the forest longer than expected – she tended to worry too much. As Helen rose, she accidentally spilled some of the coffee on her jeans. Fortunately, she wasn't burnt, but as she watched the growing dark patch, she had no desire to go walk around in trousers with a wet, dirty stain on them. Realizing that she hadn't brought anything else fit for a trip through the forest, she went to Anne's wardrobe and grabbed one of her dark red skirts - the two were similar in size and had borrowed clothes from each other before.

Helen headed outside, where she expected to find Anne waiting for her, but she was nowhere to be seen. As she walked past the kitchen, the smell of freshly bakes cupcakes drew her in - Darren had left them to cool on the kitchen counter, near the open window. Drawn by the sweet smell, she quickly leaned in to grab a couple. They could enjoy them on their walk, and he'd never notice that two were missing.

While she was bent over the windowsill with her top half inside the kitchen, she suddenly felt a sharp smack on her skirt-clad rear end, and Darren's voice whispered teasingly: "Stealing cupcakes after being warned? Tsk tsk! I didn't think you'd need another spanking so soon."

Saturday, 26 November 2022

Hired to spank (F/FF story)

I was sitting in my dorm room on a Saturday afternoon, browsing the web, when my phone rang.

"Is this Mary? Mary Flannigan?"

"Yes, this is me", I responded. Yes, that's my name – coupled with my shoulder-length red hair, people usually realized I was Irish even before they heard my accent, even here in the US.

"Hi, I'm Sofia Castillo - Roberta and Teresa's mother. How do you do?" Roberta had been a classmate of mine during high school, and we were now in some of the same classes in college. Teresa was her sister, two years older, who went to the same college - the two sisters shared a small apartment nearby.

"I'm fine, Mrs Castillo. How are you?" I'd met the woman a few times when I was at Roberta's house to work on class projects in high school. I knew she was a hard-working lawyer and I'd exchanged a few words with her, but I couldn't fathom why in the world she would be calling me.

"All's well here back home, but I'm worried about my daughters. They're throwing parties in the middle of the week, sleeping through classes, not completing their assignments on time - what's the point of sending them to an expensive college of they're not studying?"

"I'm... sorry to hear that, Mrs Castillo," I said, wondering why she was telling me this. I knew lots of students that partied a little too hard when they finally found themselves out of the parental home, and wasn't too surprised to learn that the two sisters were among them - there was always loud music when I walked past their apartment. I'd been invited to parties there on a couple of occasions, but I always declined if we had classes the next day.

"Please, call me Sofia. Those girls are lucky I'm not there - they would find themselves over my lap getting their bottoms smacked if it wasn't too far to travel! A good, hard, bare-bottom spanking is just the thing to get them back in shape."

Mrs Anson (F/f story)

I had recently turned eighteen when Mrs Anson moved in next door to my parents' house. She befriended my mother, and I quickly got to kn...